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Davery 25, yes there is, there are two types of selling, one, most practiced on a reloading forum is the literal scene of selling, as in, you gotta have a neck sizer, you gotta have a bushing die, you gotta have a RCBs precision gage. Then there is the other ‘selling’, that is the concept of selling an ideal, method or technique, before someone buys into the ideal they must add words to their vocabulary and understand their meaning.

First words, transfer, minimum length, full length sized, transfers, standard and verify, the problem with learning to reload on the Internet is all the need to know information that is skipped, new reoloaders are led to believe fire forming is about chambering a round, pulling the trigger, opening the bolt, and wa-la, a fire formed case is extracted. I go through the same procedure and then extract a once fired case. or a case I can compare the length of the case from the head of the case to the shoulder with the dimensions of the case before it was fired, the difference in the two measurements determines the effect the chamber had on the case when fired. Again, pop back, jump back, snap back and spring back does not lock me up, nor does memory or recovery, I have 257 Roberts cases that were 30/06 cases that have no recall, memory or ability to recover from having been formed and fired, I guess it can be said their memory was hammered out of them when they were hit with 45,000 + psi.

The problem? when the bolt closes, the light goes out and the chamber gets dark, same for the case sizing process, the ram goes up, the case is shoved into the die shutting the light out, shutting the light out gives the illusion it is a mystery as to what happens in the chamber when fired and inside the die when a case is sized.

This thread is about adjusting a die, I do that, I adjust the die every time I install a die, I adjust the die to, beyond or off the shell holder, I understand adjusting the die below the shell holder (1/4 addition turn after contact) to full length size a case, full length sizing a case restores the case to minimum length, minimum length is the length of the case when it was purchased, new, over the counter, unfired, factory made. I never loose sight of the fact the new, factory minimum length ammo chambered and fired, the difference??????, I measured the minimum length case for length before I fired it, others take the short cut and fire form first with no clue as to how to adjust the die for sizing for length.

Minimum length? is not a guestimate, it is standard, the difference between minimum length and the length of a go-gage length chamber is not a guestimate, it is a standard. When reloaders size a case to minimum length for a go-gage chamber it should not be considered an accident if the sized case chambers, back to the two concepts of selling, the question is not always with the answer “purchase another tool”.

The light that goes out is the one in the brain.

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