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It very well may end up costing Gov. Quinn his re-election, and he understood that, hence his unsupportive comments concerning it.

It may also cost downstate democrats their re-election bids.

Emanual completely lost the support of the people in his own party that he needed at the state level to get beneficial state laws and initiatives passed for Chicago. He won't be able to get anything passed to help Chicago in any way now.

But more importantly, this may have tipped the scales for the next election, that's really the most important issue.

We were very close to having a super majority veto-proof concealed carry law passed last year.

With a pro-gun governor, we don't need to worry about a super-majority but the loss of a few democratic seats downstate could be all that's needed this next go-around to pass carry legislation in such a way that it over-rides home rule, meaning cities like Chicago and Oak Park would have to allow people to carry.
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