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Moved from the Project Gunrunner thread.

The gunwalking prohibition in Section 219 is proposed for deletion.

Section 8017 which prohibits scrapping surplus military firearms and brass is also proposed for deletion.

"Brackets enclose material that is proposed for deletion" - such as Sections 219 and 8017.


There are additional anti-gun provisions in the 2013 budget that I have not seen discussed elsewhere.

Section 520. (a) - eliminates the export licensing exemption for selling $500 or less of "components, parts, accessories or attachments for firearms" to Canada.

Section 521. - eliminates the prohibition against denying an import permit for "United States origin "curios or relics'' firearms, parts, or ammunition."

The section dealing with BATFE Salaries and Expenses has some very sneaky changes in wording to change permanent bans to bans that only apply in the 2013 budget year.
  • The ban on funds for centralizing FFL records changes from "herein or hereafter" (permanent) to "herein" (only the 2013 budget year).
  • The language that makes the ban on releasing firearms tracing data permanent ("during the current fiscal year and in each fiscal year thereafter") is also eliminated.


Originally Posted by jimpeel
I don't understand. Where does it say in Sec. 8017 that M-1s etc. will be destroyed?
The current language in Sec. 8017 prohibits military firearms and brass from being destroyed.

The brackets around Sec. 8017 in the budget mean that Obama is proposing to entirely delete Sec. 8017 so that there would no longer be any restrictions on destroying military firearms or brass.
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