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Obama's Anti-Gun Budget Bill

Obama's proposed budget bill contains a number of anti-gun provisions buried within in it. One provision would allow money to be spent on further "gun walking" by the ATF. That's being discussed in the Project Gunrunner monster thread.

However, there were several other provisions Obama's budget that are anti-gun. It would allow scrapping of surplus M1 Garands presently sold through CMP, melt down surplus military brass used by reloaders, allow funds to be spent on centralizing firearms registration records after the current budget year, allow the release of firearms tracing data after the current budget year, would allow the govt. to ban re-importation of guns and ammo originally manufactured in the U.S.

Member gc70 has posted links to certain sections in his post here:

The NRA has a story about it. Their take:
No one—not even Obama or his closest allies—believe this budget will be passed, and it may not even be brought up for a vote.

Maybe it's just pandering to the left in an election year, but I have absolutely no doubt he is in favor of every one of these provisions and more if Congress would allow it.
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