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Strolling through the internet and came across sources for military surplus gun powders, both pulled and never loaded.
Has anyone here tried these powders?
Quite a few years ago I purchased a fair amount of Accurate: Data 2200 Surplus. Meant for use in 223-7.62x39. I believe it came from Pulls too. It's known to be a little faster burning than today's Accurate 2230. Still have the Data Loading Sheet for it too. Happily reloading ammo to use in my DPMS with it yet. I have no problems with using Military Surplus myself. Two things I would mention though to be aware of.

1. Make sure it comes from a reputable and known powder manufacturer.

2. Ask for a Data Sheet. If it doesn't come with one? I wouldn't buy it myself.
Good luck, SSMcG
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