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Just an observation, but why is it most reloading problems seem to come from Lee equipment? OK I’m going to go my fire suit on with an fire extinguisher handy and maybe even a bucket of cold water
I've only been shooting and reloading for a year or so.
When I first was getting into reloading I bought a Lee 50th anniversary kit to see if I'd like reloading.

I liked reloading so much that I have since bought a Hornady LnL AP Progressive press with a case feeder and a bullet feeder. Hornady and RCBS dies, a Dillon rotary trimmer and a host of other things.

I still load all my precision rifle cartridges on my Lee single stage press using Lee dies and I can't see where I could do better unless I was shooting 600yd matches and every .001 counted.

Here is a pic of a target shot from my Savage 10 BA at 100yds.
The brass is Federal which was picked up from the range.
It was full length sized the first time and neck sized once it was fired through my rifle.
I was using 180gr SMK's with 40gr of Varget and CCI 200 primers.
Velocity averaged 2505fps with an extreme spread of 20.17 and a standard deviation of 7.81.

People should not be discouraged from reloading by others just because they can't afford or are not willing to spend top dollar on reloading equipment.

I'm still using the powder drop that came with the Lee kit and I don't think my cartridges can tell the difference.

What you have below are three 5 shot groups and one 2 shot group.

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