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My 'Fun' load

A few years ago one of my neighbors (lives about 2 miles west) got 2 chocolate labs. Well these labs got to coming over and digging about. Dumped chicken feed and some grain. Probably chasing the cats.
I tried to run them off for weeks. Gave up.
I loaded an 1860 Remington BP pistol, used 'Play-Doh'. After it started getting hard, it wouldn't do much more than dent corrugated box paper, when still soft/wet, it just came apart.
I shot both of those labs one morning. Scared them but didn't hurt them any. Even a 'BB' gun could have broke skin up close. Didn't want to hurt them any. They never got very close to the house or out buildings after that. There is only one of those dogs as of late. I liked to watch them play in the open field cross the road.

Well, that's my 'Fun' load.

Be safe,

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