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Originally Posted by mikthestick View Post
I thought some of you might like to see this picture. I found it interesting because they wear cartridge belts but no holsters to carry pistols. Perhaps this is an insight into their mentality or lifestyle rather than what they can get their hands on. Yes it's the old guy. Reminds me of a bit in a Terry Pratchet Novel "TO BE THAT OLD YOU HAVE TO BE VERY GOOD. None of my friends have ever made the right choice.
Geronimo would be the one on the right. Wonder if any of those others is cochise? Geronimo was known to carry a single action army he had gotten off a soldier. Supposedly it was chambered in 44-40 like bis winchester. What i dont get is if the native americans couldnt speak english how did they read on the cartridge to see what caliber it was?
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