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Mucho Thanks MJN77 to taking the time posting the photos

Many thanks for take the time to post the photos..Have always loved the workmanship in Geronimo's gun belt here is a band that is pretty run Ragged to ground and yet still time is taken for ornamentation..

IN Geronimo's case is one of those rare times in history when the actual firearms are documented and saved. I think His trapdoor in on display At West Point and the Side arm is on display in another army Museum.. Fort Ben????

Try to do that with Custers Side arms.. Or Even Billy the Kids side arms..

But Loved the link to that Historical Holsters of Old West site, I have saved that One.. I feel they will be getting some of my money..

And so not kid yourself Custer's troops had the superior weapon to the Winchester, He just needed a better Position.. Heck Look at Reno & Benteen. They Outlasted a lot longer Indian attack then Custer with the same weapons, But they did have a better Position that took advantage of the Greater range of the Springfields

Mucho thanks for the photos....
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