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Morally, would you kill someone over a 69 cent plant?

I live in Texas and have been burglarized 4 times over several decades, and have held 2 burglars at gunpoint until the police arrived (about 30 minutes later in Dallas).

State law may allow someone to blast away over a plant, a quarter or new car, but there's also moral dilemma at least to me: If I, by all legal rights, legally shoot someone, do I want that on my conscious later on as a "what if"? Am I tired of being burgled, yes. Would I kill someone over a plant, not likely. Over a family member or an invasion, no question.

As a footnote, I'm happy to report the 2 burglars were extremely compliant and polite when introduced up close to the finer point of a Remington auto 12 Ga.
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