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I'm guessing that the Bass Pro in Spanish Fort is about 200 miles away from you. Last time I was in there, they had a limited selection of primers and powder, but not many bullets.

To develop loads, I would suggest you get your powder and primers locally if possible. For target loads, look at Winchester 231. If Alliant powder is available, you may consider Power Pistol for full power loads. Alternate choice is Unique (but I don't like the way it meters through my powder measure).

Bullets are very difficult to find in my area; therefore, it's been mail order from the start. I've been using Berrys plated bullets with no problems. Been getting them direct from Berrys or from Powder Valley.

If you begin to crank out a lot of rounds, you'll need to be buying in bulk from places like Powder Valley, Graf and Sons, Widnener's Reloading, Precision Delta, MO Bullets, etc. Can also get supplies from gun shows - buyer beware.
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