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What do you shoot?

The last time I did this was around 2005, so I guess it is time to do it again.

My interest was piqued at the SHOT Show when I was talking to one of the major importers, who told me that 5 1/2" was the most popular length they sold and .45 Colt was the most popular caliber. This is quite different than what I see at matches, but my eyeball experience is pretty parochial, so I thought I'd do this survey again.

I'll be posting this on several CAs discussion boards, so please only answer once. I'll compile the answers on a spread sheet and provide results when responses wrap up.

If you shoot a whole passel of different guns at Cas matches, please pick the predominant model. If you can't narrow it down I'm going to put your tally into a bucket labeled "Various"

OK, here's the survey. What Guns do you predominantly shoot at CAS matches:

I. What Cas category do ou shoot in?

II. Revolvers:

1. Ruger/Colt/Clones/C&B
2. Barrel length
3. Caliber

III. Rifles:

1. Model
2. Caliber
3. Barrel length

IV. Shotgun:

1. Action type
2. Gauge
3. Barrel length
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