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Jepp - one the case is fired once, isn't it pretty much expanded to the right chamber dimensions and as long as you're neck sizing after that first firing, headspace should be correct for that chamber?
The simple answer to your question is yes. But if you are seriously over pressure with the load, it might not fit the chamber without being tight. Also depending upon how you neck size, it can cause the shoulder to move forward or not so much. A Lee collet die will not cause the shoulder to move forward, a dedicated neck sizing die that doesn't touch the body also doesn't move the shoulder forward, using a FL die backed off a bit to neck size will move the shoulder forward.

Not sure of how long you have been reloading, but the dies typically come with pretty clear directions on how to set them up.
It varies by manufacturer, but the ones that state screw the die down 1/4 to 1/2 turns past contact with the shell holder will normally resize your brass so it will fit in the chamber of your rifle. But just because it fits, doesn't mean it was done correctly. That is what everyone is offering, suggestions on how to size your brass correctly and provide the greatest number of loadings and the least chance of causing a catastrophic failure of the brass due to excessive headspace. We are all just trying to help.
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