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Could this be my 45acp AH-HA moment?

I've been hitting the target fairly good with my GP-100 with homeload 38 specials for quite a while at 10 yards (157 gn home-cast bullet, 3.5 gn Bullseye powder) but with my SA 45, I was all over paper plate size with 230 gn LRN home-cast and 5.0 gn of Bullseye, same awful pattern with store-bought (a lot low-left) and many 'flyers'.
WELL, I ran out of Bullseye and had a can of Clays, so I loaded five 45's with 3.9 grains, they cycled good and had VERY noticeable less recoil and noise,
so I loaded and shot 50 more today, and to my surprise, I'm shooting these 'weak' loads almost as accurate as with the 38spl's. The chrony says they're travelling about 75fps slower than the Bullseye loads (avg 768 fps compared to 843 for Bullseye) but I feel so much more in control.
ALSO, after 50 rounds, all it took was a triple pass of a bore snake to make the barrel all nice and shiny again, NO lead residue and very little powder residue.
Anyone else tried this load? I am a small framed older guy with torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders, so my stance and strength is probably not the best for powerful loads.
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