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"Fun" loads (wax, candy, etc.)

Good afternoon guys. Want to run a question by ya'll and see if anyone has any experience in this. I visited with some friends recently who are cowboy action shooters. They had a course set up, and one station was a quickdraw test. The target was roughly 20 feet away, and Colt single action Army revolvers were being used. The rounds were loaded with sprinkles. Yes, candy sprinkles. The object was to draw, cock, and fire at the target, popping a balloon. against time. I guess the sprinkles kept the task safer, avoiding any accidental discharges of live ammo. My question is this; does anyone have any experience loading strange projectiles? I've heard of wax over a primer and no powder, blanks, stuff like that. But candy sprinkles blew me away. Everything seemed to function properly, but it seems to me that candy would make a sticky mess before too long.
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