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Originally Posted by peetzakilla
Sometimes people with less training can be safer than people with more training. ("Less" and "more" being non deterministic relative terms)

Sometimes, training leads to confidence (arrogant confidence) that should not be, which leads to the attitude that certain rules don't apply "because I'm trained".

The untrained may be safer because they fear the results and are careful.
I'm not sure that's the best or most accurate conclusion to draw. It's also the case that some people learn more quickly and thoroughly than others. And some people are better at internalizing lessons and integrating what they learn into their usual activities.

Part of the challenge for those of us who teach people is to find ways to more effectively instill both the knowledge and the inclination to apply that knowledge. It can be one thing to know the rules and another to consistently act accordingly.

So when we teach our Basic Handgun classes, we have students do a lot of "hands-on" exercises with one-on-one instructor supervision. In that way students not only learn the various physical skills involved in handling, loading, unloading and firing guns, but are also continually reminded to do so while observing the safety rules. Our hope is that this helps develop the habit of always doing things properly and safely.

Training on a hot range also helps reinforce the concept that safety applies all the time. And that's particularly important for those who go about their normal business while wearing loaded guns in public. But here it seems that Mr. Zambrana allowed himself to forget that safety applies even in a church closet.
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