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357Sig Speer Lawman 125 grain TMJ Cleanfire

I have a G33 & G31. Got 150rds through each of Fiocci. It seams to be good ammo, the Glocks are great! I just ordered 357 Sig Speer Lawman 125 grain TMJ Cleanfire, & would like to know what your opinions are.

On-Line ammo :thumbdown: I first placed an order for a case of Speer 357sig Clean Fire TMJ with ' aka' I found on a Slickgun promo. I ordered & paid on 2/6/12. The web-sight says processing for 10 days. On the 10th day, I received an email that my order was cancelled. I called them up, & they said they couldn't find the ammo in the where-house. It is now 2/16/12 & I don't have the $$$. I called my CC, & they told me a return had been started on 2/13/12, & would take up-to 30 days to process.

I'm :cursing: about the incompetence of the whole thing & the 3 days that 'TargetSportsUSA' took to process the return. I good store would at-least send me a card to say 'sorry'.

They still have my $$$, & I needed the ammo for 4-days Front Sight.

Luckily, I pulled $$$ from my blood, & ordered form :thumbup1: In time & perfect!! Cheaper too!
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