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I'm new also to reloading. I went to cabelas to get started after discussing it with numerous people. I am using bullseye powder for 38, 357 and also 45 acp. I am using 200 gr SWC lead bullets in my 45's. The Kimber I have handles it fine however my old ( 30 yr ) colt will not feed the swc properly. I had trouble with the RCBS dies they sold me with the taper crimp, so I ordered a LEE factory crimp die. I emailed bullseye for correct powder charges for the bullets I'm using for all my reloads. They are more than happy to help. Got back to me within a couple of hours. I have been using light loads for plinking. I bought a vibrating tumbler after reviewing all the reviews about the other ones on the market. I bought corn cob media at the farm store 25lbs for around $12.00 and added a little bit of metal polish when I tumble.
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