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Your statement was:
Originally Posted by kraigwy
...If training was the answer, then there would be no traffic accidents.

That statement has no real meaning, which is why I asked the rhetorical questions.
I agree, the statement was poorly worded. The point I was trying to make was "training" will not prevent accidents. The only thing that will is the individual following the 4 basic principals.

If you question anyone who has an "accidental discharge" you'll probably find out they knew the 4 basic rules, but upon investigation, if every incident they violated at least one.

I've seen people who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from the inside but were perfectly safe with a firearm because they knew and followed the 4 basic rules.

I've seen people with mandantory training (cops and soldiers come to mind) screw up because the failed to follow the "four".

As for training per se, I've been shooting and teaching people to shoot a long time, I've been trained by the best shooters in the world (AMU) yet I still seek training, and will continue to seek training as long as I'm phyical fit enough to pull the trigger.

But, if I loosen up on one of the "four" I'm gonna screw up.
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