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Originally Posted by Rusty35
Is drivers training needed to teach a new driver not to run a stop sign?
Someone had to teach all of us that. It's not something we were born knowing.

Originally Posted by kraigwy
...No where in my post, on this topic or any other topic have I said training has no value...
Your statement was:
Originally Posted by kraigwy
...If training was the answer, then there would be no traffic accidents.
That statement has no real meaning, which is why I asked the rhetorical questions.

None of us were born knowing how to drive, and none of us were born knowing how to use and handle guns safely. We all had to learn to do both somewhere, somehow from someone. Mostly we've had multiple teachers in multiple places all over time. And since there continue to be automobile collisions and unintentional discharges of firearms, some have learned those lessons better than others.

And mandatory training is a different, and political, issue.
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