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So training has no value? Would there be fewer accidents on the road without driver training and licensing?
No where in my post, on this topic or any other topic have I said training has no value.

I'm all for training, training is never ending.

But I'm against mandatory training. Firearm safety and firearms training is not the same thing.

Firearm safety is nothing more then following the four basic rules of firearm safety. Following those rules will eliminate any accidents causing injury or property damage. They apply weather you know how to shoot or not.

Firearm training is a different subject all together. In firearms training you take the basic safety rules an incorporate them in the firearm training that allows you to deploy your firearm be it SD, competition, hunting, etc etc.

Basically firearm safety (if employed) keeps you from having the accident. Firearm training teaches you to shoot.

But, my point is, "mandatory" training opens up a Pandora's box based on who sets the standards and their goal. Are they interested in training or are they interested in control?

I'm afraid of the latter.
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