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Several powder can be used for these combinations - but realize there will be compromises, especially with the 357 performance.

Bullseye comes to mind as does Universal Clays, Red Dot, and most of the powder that is also used for 12 or 20 gauge shotgun target loads.

You need a manual or three and you need to read them

Ordering online is cheaper, especially when you order in bulk. Since you have no idea what will work best for you, IMO, you are better off buying small quantities at first so if something doesn't work, you are not out a lot of money - therefore, buying local to save shipping and hazmat would be best.

Kevin's is a nice store, BTW.

Once you decide on one or two powders and primers, then buying large quantities in bulk over the net will save you money - that means 2 or more 8# jugs of powder, primers in multiples of 5000, bullets by the case, etc....
Over time the savings can really add up............
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