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.223 o.a.l.

Unfortunately, my .223 rifle is not where I am reloading, but have been loading 45, 50, and 55 grain bullets using Lyman reloading manual for data. However, I see the o.a.l. for suggested loads to be different than the recommended o.a.l. from Hodgson. specifically. For example, Lyman says o.a.l. should be 2.260 in., while Hodgson says o.a.l. length should be 2.220". This is with a 55 gr. sp bullets. It just seems like the bullet sticks out a long ways at 2.260". Again when the bullet has cannelure that cannelure appears quite a distance from the case. I believe that commercial ammo o.a.l. is about 2.226, if I remember correctly. I am concerned about pressure, as most would be. Performance is important but only after safe pressure is obtained. Maybe seem like a ridiculous concern. If I had the rifle with me now I could adjust length, maybe. Appreciate any imput. I just wish I had the rifle with me now so I could try it. I don't, so have to do next best thing! Another ?: does the kind of bullet have an important impact on the pressure,e.g., sp vs hollow point vs. nosler s.p. . Using a Rem. 700 BDL rifle.

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