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Just ordered my press and need supplies and info..

Well the tax money came in and rather than let the wife spend it all I ordered a Lee Classic Turrent Kit from Factory sales and a Lyman bullet puller and a Hornady digital scale from Midway. I also picked up a sonic cleaner from Harbor Freight. My press and dies should be Monday...

I'm going to be loading pistol ammo to start with- .38 Special, .357Mag and

I've been saving my brass for a while, so I've got enough to get started.

The Problem I have is there is a shortage of places that sell reloading supplies in my immediate area (bullets, powder and primers). I live in the Tristate area of Florida, Alabama and Georgia. (Lake Seminole is about 2 miles from the house)

In Dothan, AL there are only 2 stores I know of that stock supplies and they don't stock much. Both only have Hogdon powders- Hogdon IMR and Winchester...
In Tallahasse, FL the only place I know is Kevin's Sporting Goods.

Not sure about Panama City or Bainbridge, Ga.
I don't really want to order online just yet- I'd really like to get set up and find what's going to work for me and my guns before I order in bulk and pay hazmat.

Any suggestions for Powder? I would like to use one for all three calibers if possible. I know that .45acp uses a different primer but I would like to use the same primers in both .38special and .357mag

Also, does anyone know anywhere else in the area that sells reloading supplies?
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