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Glenn E. Meyer
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Being someone who lives in TX, I don't want this person in my neighborhood.

1. He shot for a plant - while some may be full of bloodlust and congratulate him - it is not a smart act.

"When the homeowner saw that someone was trying to steal his plant he used his firearm, shot several times at the suspect
Where did those shots go? They were fired at a van and could have zipped off to anywhere. Flat out stupid.

If you look at the map, there is a middle school a block away. Genius. God Bless Texas that the rounds didn't go there.

3. This has nothing to do with TX as the OP totally misinterpreted TX law as Bart points out. I caution that posts containing such misinformation contribute nothing to TFL. I have seen such before - if you are not from TX or don't know our laws - I prefer you not post nonsense because you like bloodlust.

4. For his plant - he will face large legal bills and I'm sure his neighbors would appreciate such.
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