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Trying to say it wasn't an accident is trying to split hairs that don't even exist, IMO.

It doesn't matter how many ways we can parse it into various forms of negligence. It was STILL an accident.

If it wasn't intentional, it WAS an accident.

I don't get this apparent concept that accidents and negligence are mutually exclusive.

The only requirement for an accident is that it was unintentional. The "why" or "how" has no bearing.

If its not intentional, it IS an accident.

I am with you on this one.

Why does every one have to jump on the use of the word "accident"?

An "accident" is caused by human negligence.
The word "accident" is used to describe the out come of the negligence.

A person has a negligent discharge and accidentally shoots the Television.

The Television part of the equation is the accident, the discharge part is the negligence .
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