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Hammer, I like the chocolate airweight. Have you had any problem with it becoming a bullet puller like some of the .357s did? I would think that the .32H&R would be mild enough to not be a problem. Something like that with a 3" barrel would be very nice for IWB or thunderwear carry.


hammerit, you paid $275 for rare s&w 632 cent. in 99% condition, cuz that's what the seller paid for it in '91-92?, think of what $275 in '91-'92 dollars is in todays value due to inflation. i say that you got a great buy.

Hello Mike
No, I Haven't had any problems with bullet's pulling. I load all my own .32 H&R Magnum ammo using 85 Grain or 100 Grain XTP bullets and seat them with a Heavy crimp though....I did how ever eliminate the Lawyer lock assembly, if you look close you will see an open plain hole above the lock .

Hello silvermane_1
Yes, I gave the seller just what he asked for on this S&W Centennial being $275.00. I still think he was off in his price of them being at $275.00 in 1991 though, it sounded Real Good to me. I just learned they only made 1035 of these before discontinuing them, so that made the find even greater... Hammer It
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