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A trigger that does not like the cold

I recently acquired an old Ruger 44 mag semiautomatic carbine (made in 1963). It works like a charm in warm weather, say above 50 deg F, however, as the weather cools, the trigger becomes progressively harder to pull. Below 30 deg F it is nearly impossible to fire. However, it returns to normal if the rifle warms back up.

Would this be a problem that can be corrected by cleaning do you think, or is this more likely to be a mechanical problem?

Ruger literature strongly advises against dissassembly of the trigger mechanism, so I have not yet attempted that. (Believe me, if the trigger mechanism is more tricky than the rest of the rifle, I may not want to).

As a newcomer to this forum, I can tell that some of you have tremendous experience with firearms. For myself, I have 50 years of hunting experience, but aside from cleaning my guns, I have never messed with the trigger assemblies.

Thanks for any suggestions...
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