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Homemade "explosive/incendiary" ammo?

Well I came across a video the other day, actually a couple. It demonstrated how to make simple explosive or incendiary ammunition, specifically for airguns. It was pretty simple. Take some toy cap gun caps and take out the powder. Put them in the hollow point, add a couple of drops of water and let dry. Same principle with the incendiary, except with the tips of strike-on-anything matches.

By no means are these high explosives. I was going to do a little experiment, first try them with my air rifle and then with my .22 in .22lr hollow points. Seemed simple enough, however, there are two things I worry about... Is it legal? And will the explosive get heated up enough to explode within the barrel. I know even airguns get heated from the speed/pressure, but a .22lr is a whole 'nother ball game, considering you have gun powder pushing the bullet. Has anyone tried anything like this? Thanks.
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