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DNS, the reason I ask is that I was trying to ascertain what kind of training, number of hours, etc, quality of training you would suggest if the state required training were not enough. This is from the handbook and doesn't cover any specifics. Do you think the state should be more specific in what is required? I can't imagine talking to students for three days and spending a minimum of four hours on the range and not covering what you're saying they should cover, but maybe they're not. Maybe it needs to be spelled out?

a. An applicant for a Class “G” Statewide Firearm License
must have a minimum of twenty-eight (28) hours of range and
classroom training taught and administered by a Class “K”
Firearms Instructor.
Section 493.6105(6), F.S.
b. Class “G” licensees must obtain four (4) hours of
firearms range recertification training during each year of the 2-
year licensure period. If the four (4) hours annual training is not
completed each year of the 2-year licensure period, the full initial
training program (twenty-eight (28) hours) is required for
renewal. This training must be taught by a Class “K” Firearms
Instructor. Renewal of the Class “G” license will be denied if the
licensee has failed to obtain the required training.
Example: A licensee who is issued his Class “G” license
on June 1, 2006 which expires May 31, 2008 must receive four
(4) hours of firearms recertification training between June 1,
2006 and May 31, 2007 and four (4) hours between June 1, 2007
and May 31, 2008.

I can't imagine spending 4 hours on the range and not covering what you're suggesting. But I take it you have more of an issue with the quality of the training and not the hours required?

IMO, police and military have a fairly decent training program, and yet these guys still have accidents. Are you suggesting higher quality training than that?

Personally, I'm not satisfied with training unless I take a course once a year and shoot an IPSC match at least once a month. (Need to get back to that, actually, instead of working all the time...) But I don't think everyone needs to do that to be safe. I don't think it needs to be required. And I think there are people who could have five times that much training and still cause an accident.
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