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I used to play with bullet seating depth and found no improvement in accuracy being closer to the lands or farther back. Ended up going by simple factory overall length measurements and the loads always grouped just as well. Of course I was loading for hunting and not splitting hairs on a target. Per Warbirdlover

It depends on the bullet shape whether the seating depth affects the accuracy according to the Berger Bullet site. The tangent shape is not sensitive and the secant shape is very sensitive ( I think I have that correct , have CRS) .So if you were using the tangent shape bullets , it would not make a big difference . I just hunt also but do try to split hairs mainly for fun, but more importantly if I do get a long shot , that slightly larger group at 100yds, if I do not split hairs, becomes an unacceptable group at 3-400yd. Like I tell my friends, it also keeps me off the streets and out of bars with all the time I spend trying to perfect the best load for each bullet I can find
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