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Any one can say that their pistol is a pocket pistol.

I get a kick out of the guys who wear BDUs or khaki shorts with cargo pockets, who drop their EDC in there and declare it a pocket pistol.

My idea of a pocket pistol is that it fits into the front pocket of a normal pair of Levi jeans without creating an obvious gun outline.

Lots of Glock fans say the 26 is a pocket pistol - it's not but whatever. Beretta says the Nano is a pocket pistol and it's not.

There is a significant difference between the Rohrbaugh R9 at 5.2" long and 3.7" high and the Nano which is 5.63" x 4.17".

I'm sure there will be Nano fans who, like Glock fans will do something like - put it in their winter coat pocket and sing it's praises as the ulitmate pocket gun, but it doesn't change the reality of it for the majority of other people.

For most people if they put a Nano in their front pocket, they're going to be very very uncomfortable when they sit down at the waffle hut, or sit down in their car, and the rest of the time they're going to need a shirt over hanging their pocket because it's going to be very obvious that they have a gun in it.
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