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Loading 357/38 with Power Pistol concern

I may be just a worrywart on this, but I'm somewhat new to reloading and want some confirmation (I load 40sw, 357 and 38). I've loaded some 357 and 38 special with power pistol, and off the bat, I'm having a really hard time visually confirming powder level with the tall revolver casings. So, to confirm the level I have to tilt the shell off of the carrier to see the powder (I'm also weighing every three or so rounds).

Here is my concern: Power pistol is not fluffy, but I'm going off of published load data. I can shake the rounds lightly and hear that there is a LOT of empty space in the cartridges. Is this okay??? I'm loading at near start load and know even max charges won't fill the cases. Loads listed below:

357 magnum
158 LSWC at .358"
7.5 gn of Power Pistol

38 special
158 LSWC at .358"
4.6 gn of Power Pistol

Maybe time for a different selection of powder for my wheel gun?
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