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Greetings from the Emerald Isle..My first post here on this august forum.
As I am doing some research on such a gun,I am pleased to inform you that I do know whereabouts there is a genuine full auto Luger as described by
.351 Winchester. Arty model ,wooden stock,snail drum, wooden foldable front grip as an add on, nice wooden case,and a few other bits and pieces with it.
However it is not for sale and rather difficult to view,as it is in custody of the Irish army!! Let me explain...
Back in 1972 when the Northern Ireland troubles kicked off.Our then minister for justice decided it would be a good idea to temporarily withdraw from civillian hands all rifles above .22lr and all handguns inc air pistols for a period of thirty days..The so called tempoary custody order of 1972. This was only supposed to last 31 days and prevent the provisional IRA from arming off the civillian sympathisers to cause mayhem in Northern Ireland.Suffice to say it didnt work,the IRA armed themselves from the US resident sympathisers and later Libya.And Irish gunowners were stuck for appx 35 years in limbo,up until 2004 when we got a few handguns and rifles back....but thats another days work! For those who are intrested in what sort of a mess we are in over here.
I suggest a drop in on This is about the most up to date and informative board on Irish shooting matters.
[Just dont mention self defence or right to keep and bear arms]
Short story long..I know we in Ireland belive in taking our time but a month going to 35 years is abit much..Even for Irish standards!

Anyways this remarkable Luger is in the main military barracks of the Curragh army camp.No one knows diddley about,who what where or how it came to Ireland.I will dig out an article on it from a german magazine Deutsches waffen journal that has a few pics of it,and a most intresting history of the Luger being used by the Irish army as a secondary issue officer sidearm in world war 2 or with typical Irish understatement "The Emergency" as ww2 was known in Ireland!

From what I remember of the article it stated that it has a switch type arrangement on the exposed action bar,which allows it to be selected between FA and semi.However wear has made this somwhat unpredictable and it shoots in FA only.
As soon as I find the article I'll post it.
glad to see that there is some chance that it has some sort of traceability,and I would appreciate any info anyone has on this type of conversion.
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