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I had one for a while and can't remember why I sold it and got the rifle version with a 28" barrel. I think the carbine has a 22 1/2" bbl. It may be that I was shooting .58 minies in it instead of the PRB. They have flimsy sights. The barrels have pretty deep rifling with a bore diameter larger than my .58 Zouave. The minies that fit the zouave slide tright out of my "St. Louis Hawken" (Investarms). The lock is nice with double set triggers. I'm pretty sure they do have 15/16" (across the flats) barrels rather than 1". They have a recoil pad installed. Original mfg sugg retail of $240 but $159 from McGee Industries about 10 years ago (out of the BP business last time I checked).
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