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Originally Posted by Tim R
There are no cheap spotting scopes which will always see 30 cal holes at 300
Tim has a good point; the longer the range, the more vulnerable your ability to see bullet holes is to atmospheric conditions. Don't get upset if sometimes your scope won't see what you want every time.

On a budget, the Celestron is one of your best bangs for the buck, but please don't mistake my recommendation for "this scope will see anything at any range, and its cheap too!". For a couple or three hundred bucks, it's among the best new spotters you can get; it's what I would go for at that price point.

As it stands, I saved up and purchased a Pentax 80mm with ED (extra low dispersion) glass and a good zoom eyepiece. That runs north of a grand, but it also gives me the ability for some minor astronomical use, interchangeable eyepieces, and long eye relief. My wife also can use it for birding and viewing landscapes.
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