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I had a home made pusher. I was pushing the brass all the way through the die. I might add it was a PITA until I learned how to do it effectively. The LEE die worked, I can't say it didn't, however the Redding die just seemed to do the job better. I can't explain it. Maybe the LEE was a little fat and the Redding was a little narrow, I don't know.

The trouble surfaced when the slide on my Glock wouldn't fully close. I'd have to give it a little push now and then. It wasn't much, just enough to be irritating. I bought the Redding kit and all the nonsense stopped.

I am not running LEE down. I have quite a few LEE tools, mostly dies and bullet casting tools. My new lead pot is a 20 lb LEE, along with ingot molds and a ladle (sp?)
David Bachelder
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