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it, ‘the problem’ is never about purchasing one more tool, there is no substitute for knowledge, skill and methods and techniques. I do not have a lee anything, or a Redding anything, I have the versatile full length sizer dies in various colors of boxes and presses of all colors, I am the fan of transfers and standards, and I am the fan of verifying. When sizing a 308 W case the absolute minimum length is full length sizing to minimum length, the die and or the shell holder can not be compressed, the case can whip the die, press and shell holder by being too tough for your combination (die, press and shell holder) even the knowledge reloader should be able to determine if the case won or if the press, die and shell holder won.

And measuring, the reloader must be able to measure and understand comparing as in measuring the case before firing and again after firing. and that is not easy to teach, reloaders want to fire, then size with no clue where they are headed.

And I use the companion tool top the press, the feeler gage, it is a choice, purchase a pile of tools are learn to use the ones you have.

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