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Did you get Lee's bulge buster accessory for the die that pushes the case all the way through the ring? I ask because if you just used it with the case in a shell holder, it wouldn't have a chance to size far enough down the head to remove a Glock bulge.

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The shell holder in any press, progressive or not, stops the sizing die from making it all the way to the bottom of the case. The larger mouth radius on Dillon dies may exaggerate that problem a little. The Redding GRx die and Lee CFCD (Carbide Factory Crimp Die) with Bulge Buster accessory allow the case to be pushed all the way through the sizing ring, rim included, leaving no portion unsized. You could use one on a Dillon 450/500/550/550B station just by not indexing until you pushed all your cases through, then swapping it out for one of the usual dies to use in the loading process. Otherwise, this is the kind of thing I keep an inexpensive Lee Challenger press around for. I'm forever finding another second operation I want to do off the press.
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