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Nylon is not easier on blued finishes,,,

One would think it would be but in actuality it is harsher than leather.

The nylon fabric collects grit and particulate matter,,,
This acts like sandpaper on a blue guns finish.

This was observed when LE started to use nylon fabric rigs,,,
The cops loved the lighter weight of he ballistic fabric,,,
But they all noticed an increase in the surface wear.

Same thing for suede lined holsters,,,
The nap of the suede collects grit.

Also the chromium salt residue in suede leather attacks steel if it becomes wet,,,
Many a nice handgun has been ruined by damp suede lined holsters.

The loose fit of any nylon fabric holster allows movement,,,
That movement is what really abrades the finish.

But if you have a stainless handgun,,,
The nylon holsters actually polish them a bit,,,
Not evenly enough for a good look but it shows the abrasive quality.

The best holster for any blued handgun is vegetable tanned leather,,,
Preferable lined with the smooth side of pigskin or thin calf.

If the gun is properly "fitted" to the holster,,,
It will sit snug and not move around in the holster.


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