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What checkmyswag said, that is completely true. Anything to distract us is what they're selling. The Chicago Sun Times (my preferred paper) reported today that Chicago is rated the most corrupt city in the US (again).

As an interesting aside pertaining to this thread, one time right in front of my apartment these UCs pulled over a car and put two black individuals in bracelets. While they sat on the curb, the officers emptied the contents of the car and put it all on the trunk. Open beer bottles and bags of drugs. After about 15 minutes, they took the bracelets off, waved goodbye, got in the car, and drove off. "I guess you're not the boys we're lookin' fer!" That's pretty much how things fly here.

It may be interesting to note I live in Humboldt Park, a very high crime neighborhood with lots of gangs. Most of this is business as usual here. Poor 57 year old lady was shot in the neck at the Subway a block and a half away for the $52 in the till. She died at the hospital and the Subway has been closed by the owner until further notice.

You guessed it! No suspects.
"Shut up, crime!"
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