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You are a Lucky man! The Model 788 in .30-30 is an excellent and very accurate rifle. Do not set spire point bullets to the same OAL as normal (flat or round) .30-30 bullets. Your chamber leade should be long enough to allow them to be set out a bit. Likewise, the magazine is long enough to allow for this and still function. The neck of the .30-30 is so long that a 165-grain spire point should not have to intrude below the shoulder. The Hornady 160-grain FTX bullets and LEVERevolution powder give excellent results and you will have fun making up and testing such loads in your 788. The 160-gr FTX has a cannelure and if you crimp on it your loads will have normal OAL and the bullet does not intrude on the powder space. The label on the powder jar recommends 35.2 grains for .30-30. I would drop back 2 grains to begin with, but the 35.2 gives the velocity increase that Hornady claims for this combination and is well-behaved in my 788. Also, the Sierra 170-gr flat nose, a standard .30-30 bullet, has given me excellent results.

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