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Back when I was a kid, a muzzle loader was a weapon that stood taller than my wife, and weighed about the same as she does. ( Threw that in, because she reads all my posts) It took a master marksman a long time to get good enough with one to hit anything at more than 50 yards. It was quite an ordeal to hunt with one, but the world moved a lot slower then and if you wanted to hunt with one you could put the time in and learn what was needed.
As time went on the world started turning quite a bit faster, and very few people had the time left between work and the family to master the art of the muzzle loader. Luckily the evolution of the muzzle loader came up fast enough to allow a novice the opportunity to hunt without having to spend a great deal of time learning how. The ML's today are much shorter, lighter, and more advanced than ever before, which gives a lot of people the chance to learn about the sport than ever before.
I know a lot of you guys don't like the "Modern" concept of ML's, and I don't have a problem with that either, but technology has made it's impact on the sport, and it's not going away. The same argument will be made about the Cross-bows being legalized, as we start seeing the long bows fading away before long.
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