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Well, I need to separate issues. My 55 grain V-max load using Varget will stack them in one hole from my RRA NM. So I might as well try that in the M-4 with 55gr FMJ's, And I might as well burn some WW748 while I'm at it. I think I have a little 4198 left, why not.

I wanted a spherical powder so I can run the loads fast. I want to make 2000 or so and put them on strippers. Three to a vacuum sealed pack and stack them away. Then I can rotate stock.

I'm going to loose that goofy expandable stock and put on either an A-2 stock or a Magpull MOE. I don't see room clearing or CQB in the future for my fat old butt. And that trigger is gritty as all heck. A two stage match trigger would be nice.
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