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.22 WRF can be safely used in .22 WMR.
...but usually not the reverse. Perhaps Sevens got this confused.

That said, I don't think any new firearms have been made in .22WRF in decades; the round was arguably already obsolescent shortly after WWII.

.22WRF generally won't cycle the action of a .22WMR / .22Mag semi-automatic; they may have to be single-loaded and hand-cycled, just like using .22 Long, .22 Short, or CB rounds in a .22LR gun. However, this isn't really a safety issue.
The Aguila 60 grain ammunition is designed for suppressed weapons with a different rifling twist.
+1; Lemmon, this is why aftermarket companies such as Tactical Solutions sell Ruger 10/22 barrels and Mk-series pistol uppers that are specially designed for subsonic rounds. It's not just the threaded muzzle that's different; the rifling twist is optimized for the 60gr Aguila bullet.
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