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Plano Break-Down Shotgun Case,,,

I originally purchased this Plano ProMax Break-Down Shotgun Case to carry my NEOS Carbine and Pistols,,,
I goofed up in ordering it because I didn't notice something in the on-line picture,,,
There is a support column smack-dab in the middle of the case area,,,
This prevents the carbine from fitting in the case.

Dang! said I,,,
I just wasted $28.95 plus shipping.

But then I got to thinking about my Harem of S&W Revolvers,,,
This case fits them perfectly with ample room left over for ammo boxes.

Now I'll drop about $10.00 for some of those plastic ammo boxes from Cabela's,,,
Make some shallow cut-outs in the foam,,,
And cover it in a nice cloth.

Now I have an inexpensive case that holds the four revolvers,,,
And also carries enough ammo for a nice range trip.

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