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Originally Posted by deerslayer303
I would be so inclined to think that a 209 primer will ignite smokeless powder. I have also thought that why hasn't a smokeless powder derivative been developed for inlines. Seems that as popular as they are, the powder companies would do such a thing. But on the other hand it would take probably half the amount to propel the bullet to the same velocity that black powder and substitutes do equalling LESS powder sold. Just a thought.
A lot of inlines that use 209 shotgun primers still have a long and tiny flash hole similar to the one in a percussion nipple.
Savage makes a muzzleloader that's designed for smokeless loads and it most likely has a larger flashhole so the primer can really give the powder a kick, not just ignite it.
In Great Brittain, there is a company that specializes in smokeless cylinders for cap and ball revolvers. These aren't cartridge conversions (which the Brits aren't allowed to own) but muzzleloading cylinders that use 209 primers instead of caps to ignite the powder.

Here's the link.*id*val*

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