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So next time I go to the range I’ll push 4 targets out to 50’ to establish a base line there. Then I’ll concentrate on the 21’ (shortest allowed at this range, also the one with the most convenient marker) and continue tracking. When I pull my mean group into the mid fourty’s I’ll back it off again to 30’ or so and start all over.
I’ll spend the rest of my ammo on the remaining ten targets, and the berm.
Good plan, though I'd suggest starting with the berm rounds.

What do you mean sir? Isn’t the FO the front sight post?
The FO sits inside the sight housing. The sight itself, when viewed from the rear, still has the outline of a traditional sight, but has a bright circle sitting in the middle. Your eye is drawn to the circle, but you'll have to make sure the top of the sight (not the FO itself) is even with the top of the rear blades.

btw, in addition to Bud's, here are a number of other places to cruise...
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