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A device which cannot silence a rifle was recalled, yet a rifle with a built in "silencer" is perfectly legal,
It's not a rifle. It's an "airgun". ...that is how.

How can a built in silencer be legal on an air rifle and not a normal firearm? They are both technically used for the same purpose, yet it is some sort of double standard.
The suppressors you are seeing on air rifles have been designed to fall into a very specific loophole that the ATF has issued many opinion letters on. It, essentially, boils down to having to meet the following requirements:
It must be built in to the rifle. Any attempts to remove the device must render it inoperable, and/or destroy it.
It must be constructed in such a way, that rigging the suppressor up to a proper firearm will destroy the suppressor on the first shot (and should not suppress the report).

If it does not meet those requirements, then it must be registered, like any other suppressor.
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