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I can get the Loadmaster w/ dies for $197.99. Tell me though, why would I need to get a universal decapping die? Why couldn't I just use the standard three dies that come with the Loadmaster? Disappointing they don't provide the 4-die deluxe set since it's a 5-station press. Conversely, I can get the Classic Turret, Pro Auto Disk Measure, Measure Riser, Lg and Sm Safety Prime System, and 9mm Deluxe 4-die set for $175.85.

Haven't totally made up my mind but the Classic Turret does seem like the best option for me since I won't be doing high volumes of stuff very often and do want something that can easily handle larger rifle cartridges if needed. I won't caliber change very often, and it will be permanently mounted to my bench.

As for pricing, I get dealer pricing from some of the online vendors due to having a C&R FFL. I find it amazing that more people don't have this since it's so cheap and you get so much out of it.
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